Steve Earle Presents the 3rd Annual Camp Copperhead

We’re excited to announce that Steve will be hosting a 3rd annual Camp Copperhead in 2016! Next year's event will be held at the beautiful Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY from June 27th-July 1st. 

This songwriting event will take a deep look at how songs are composed and constructed through the lens of Steve's catalog. He'll be sharing the stories and inspiration behind much of his music. The difference between this year and past years will be the focus on "choices". The choices that you make about technique while songwriting will be a large part of the curriculum. You'll also have the choice to work with a poet, prose writer, or guitar teacher each afternoon so that you can curate your own experience based on what you'd like to work on most! As always, there will be an open mic each night and on the last night a performance by Steve.

"I hope you make the choice to come and join us. There’s a community that’s been formed amongst previous attendees. Everybody keeps in touch online and says hello at the shows. Most importantly though, I want you to learn more about my songs and maybe even your own in the process. The songs are everything, and that’s even why the program gets its name from my song 'Copperhead Road.' "
- Steve Earle

Everyone who signs up before Christmas will receive a signed free copy of Steve’s novel “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive”.

For more information and to register, visit

Shelby McElrath